On assignment in Chinatown, KL

Spent a day with Angel Ng, co-founder of the speakeasy-style cocktail bar PS150, roaming around Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown to come up with a neighbourhood guide for an inflight magazine. In these photos, we're in Shuang Xi, a relatively new spot in town that rather defies easy definition. Suffice to say, you can buy flowers here, get a tattoo, and have a cocktail or two in vintage Coca-Cola glasses—just don't break them! Another recent addition is Jao Tim (it means "hotel" in Cantonese), which is a great place to drop in for coffee. Heavily furnished in bare wood with very high ceilings, it feels like an old-timey dance hall, and I love dance halls. The vinyl swing records that play all-day also help to complete the fantasy.

& Yes, I'm looking rather botanic in these photos. That was my "sun shirt" for the day—i.e. a long sleeve that will cover me but won't cook me in 30 degree celcius. I need to get more working shirts for the outdoors and the heat. Any recommendations?

( Photos by Andy Kho )

A working soundtrack to Northern Ireland

While working on a piece about Northern Ireland, I've been listening to music I picked up while I was there. The film Good Vibrations was my starting point, cobbled together with recommendations from a friendly music producer at the Oh Yeah Music Centre, a house party I crashed in Ormeau, gigs and sessions I dropped in off, and tip-offs scribbled down from anyone who cared to share. I hadn't realised that Snow Patrol and Two Door Cinema Club are from here, and have included them anyway in a playlist I put together, though you're surely familiar with them. There are three counts of Van Morrison and three counts of Irish trad because... well, just because. And I think you'll find Rory Nellis' "Friend of a Friend" particularly catchy.

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