Still, the anxiety of pitching


My process:

  1. Do desk research on chosen subject.

  2. Draw up a timeline and make notes.

  3. Speak to those in the know for any new or upcoming developments I should be aware of.

  4. Think about which part of the story most speaks to me and figure out an angle into the story.

  5. Write up the pitch and hit SEND to an editor.

  6. Feel happy and productive immediately after sending pitch. That night, dream of my teeth falling out. Dream of editor rejecting or green-lighting my pitch. Only to wake up to discover they haven’t replied. Tells self not to panic, that it’ll take a few days.

  7. Re-read pitches and think, Why did I rush to send that off? That’s not a good enough angle! Why should they care about that story? Ahhh!

  8. Read through my notes again, rethink the story, rewrite the pitch. Hit SEND to another editor.

  9. Wait.

  10. Repeat.